Monday, February 20, 2012

My days

14th of Feb,
Me and my babe boy went to Cempaka square
to celebrate our valentine's day.
It was so wonderful and we enjoyed about it.

18th Feb,
went to Melilea International Company,
Datin Stella Chin's STAR LADIES night.
she is soo beautiful.
Through her talk, I learnt many things
which is how to become a woman who can success
no matter in home or work.

19th Feb,
today actually wanna go to RUMAH TERBALIK,
which I dated to my cousin,
but mission failed!
because I went to attend MELILEA COMPANY,
Star leader's seminar.
A whole day long seminar,
so tiredddd.

And, today,
working again.
I hate to work.
because I dont really feel that I got such a good boss.
which only know how to get mad when i dont understand.
I do it, and he says i not need to do it,
when i don't do it, he asks why am i so free.
a way to speak better instead of saying lazy.
I am totally speechless to the max.
you are impassionate and also not understanding.
I hate you, but I also thanked to you,

And I appreciated the radio ,
which always accomapny me
through my sadness and my happiness

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