Sunday, March 22, 2009

Consider =/

Sometimes ii feel ii really can't accept what you said to me. I really feel so sad of your words. Suddenly ii feel that we're stranger. we dont look like couple. But ii just want to said, if you really dont believe at me, why you still together with me. really make me feel dislike of the feeling. A really uncomfortable feeling. haiz. =( ii go out also got problem, but you? ii also let you out at all. ii go out not go do something bad. ii really do understand what ii doing. haiz. but very ''KE XI'' someone dont understand. uu also cant say so much. =/ hmmmm. ii think we really should consider about each other's feeling and we reallys hould consider whether we suit o not.

Everythings can be changed Even if 7months, so what? at Last, we no good ending too.

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