Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day with confused feeling. =]

Hm, haha. really dunno what to say, my chinese 80, malay 62, english 70, maths 70, science 66, geography 80, booke-keeping 63, commerce 80, sejarah 84, moral 48 =(!!!!!!!! ishhh` =) spoilt la the moral. but nvm la. consider as satisfied, because ii din work hard for it. haha=] hm, todaya t shcool very fun =] everyday also fun, because all friends are funny. aikss. today's mood dunno is good or not? suddenly good suddenly bad. =] but ii know this is life.

I dunno For you is what am ii, but sometimes you really broke my heart to pieces. ii can say what? =) just let it past..... sometimes ii really not happy, but ii really don't hope we got any changing. Just let time prove everythings that around us lu0000~ ehehhe =)

This is my blog for today. =]

JIAHUI <3mimi

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