Tuesday, July 14, 2009

12th Of JULY.2009 =) was a memoriable day.

haha=D happy happy. that day was his birthday celebration.
there was a lot of peoples attented.
hm, ii wad drunk la that night.
but early ii was at h0me.
so its nothing, and my drinking skill looks more better le. hehehe=D here's to goes with the memory pics =) Hope this would always keep in my heart. hehehe=D happy day with happy person~! hmm, Muaksssssss! LAOGONG, ii loveeeeeeeeeee you owh. I feel so happy that we had past so many things, ii dunno what will happen in the future, and towards, but ii know that ii loveeeee you so much babe! =)
hehehehe. Hope uu always love me too. Happy BIG DAY for you. this saturday we go watch movie luhh` hehehe!
and thanKS for my sisters t00~ =)
Loveeeee ya always!

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