Monday, July 27, 2009

To My friend-Her-

Hey You, don't so sad again laaa. everyday saw you sad also dunno want how comfort your heart~ uu know laa me, dunno how to sat and comfort a person de. ii really dunno wan how biao da bahh to you ii also guan xin about it~=) But, hope you can stay strong & be tough. although ii know its really hurt~ BI JING you two got a very special Relationship~ ii also thought he will together back with you de, buta lso didn't think that he will so bad throw down uu. aiksss. really feel pity for you~ Hope you can go through this and be back last time de yOu. that was ''HAPPY & SMILE'' HEHHEHE=D takeCare. ii still beside you. although not every minutes or seconds=) but ii try my best~

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