Tuesday, July 7, 2009


haha. today feel nice. just kinda sleepy~ so hope that everyday will happy without worries & troubles. I dunno, but ii choose to cherish every of my relationship no matter is in love or life or whether friendship` =D its just a new beginning in life. Together back with you, ii really feel everythings around me, NEVER CHANGED. I love you muel muel =D so much so much so much & so much~ FRIENDSHIP EVER MAKES MY LIFE BRIGHT, LOVE EVER MAKES ME LEARNT & GET, HOME LOVING MAKES ME INDEPENDENT` =) everythings & everythings. . . . Just have to have a new START again. =) and not to keep stay in the past. I found you, and ii found my soul. I NEVER BEING REGRET FOR MY DECISION CHOOSING BACK TO BE TOGETHER =] IIII LOVEEE YOUUUU<3


  1. xuan xuan,sasa lisa here oo~ i had removed my old blog but i redo the new account of my blog neh~ so add me at ur friends thr ah~ http://sasalifestory.blogspot.com/ heres my new url =)

  2. haha=D okiess. no problem my dear^^ =) hehe. muaksss! =)