Sunday, August 9, 2009

Exam's week<3 hope its fine.

Exam makes me Crazy~!

Yesterday 08.08.2009 ii went KK at night with babe.
we watch ''G.I.JOE-Rise of Cobra''. that movie quite nice although part of boring.
haha=) we watch at 9.20 show.
And saw ''someone''.
I dunno we watch the same movie too. LOl.
But whatever la~
LOL. Just dunno why once uu appearing again.
It's just complicated in a moment.

Well. exam exam exam.
enjoy exam as DESSERT. =)
hahaha. I lOve everythingssssss about myself & also around me. =)

Peace & Love babe =)
ii miss you & ii love you.

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