Sunday, September 27, 2009



Tonight ii went steamboat at KAMPUNG NELAYAN with Lui, Kah Loo and Lui's biaojie =)
we ate a lots of thingss.
hahha. a great memories at there.

Today is Lui's birthday =)
I din went out with him anymore, he said wan get ready for coming EXAM. =/
its alright.
So night, ii went yamcha with Lui and chloiie at LINTAS YOYO.
CHLOIIE still call her XXX to join us =)
ahahha. so funny. =)

27.09.2009 (TODAY)
I think also at home de la.
no where can go.
because ii really feel so bored going out without money.
Mum going to CHINA at 29.09.2009
I hope she will buy a lots of things for me =)
Today BLOG =]

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