Thursday, September 10, 2009

They always say friendship always keep endless, But ii failed to?

w0w, after yoga lesson,
feel so comfortable in a moment. =D
somethings were happened today.
I finally said out to her,
that ii really unsatisfied her,
actually ii really hope she will truly changed herself to prove that ii really wrong blaming her.
I know that, through my senses, ii felt that you will be sad ii'm saying that,
but I have to say that,
true for you, is the best for me.
I don't want to bring out a fake impression for you,
ii always show out the real of me.
I never thinking to pretend between our friendship,
This is what ii learnt since our arguements are happened.
I want to told you that,
I used to believe you,
I used to keep you as my best friend,
I used to go with my heart to treat you,
I used to do everythings,
I totally failed so too.
But now,
I started to hate you,
I started to blaming your fault for before,
I started to disappointed . . .

I started to begin everythings,
Because ii used to trust you so much.
But, ii found out somethings that was still real between each of us,
that was


I happy that,
one day ii really can told you that,
ii really hate you, but ii also really sad for telling you that.
Because we just look like so strange for each others.
At least, now,
we really not need to pretend le. Right?
I dunno where my courageous came from to say that,
I just wanted to said Sharon, thanks for stepping in my life,
you leave down some sweet footprints for me.
When someday you truly miss about me,
Turn back and look it,
I'm still at the back too =)
but be the invisible person for you. =)


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