Monday, September 14, 2009

I miss My friendssss =(

I dunno what to write today.
But just simple and short for today.

Suddenly ii so miss the days we hang out together DearSis JY. =(
ii miss uu alots.
But, dunno how was you on the day.
I think you also getting to forget me =)
but nvm, happy then is alright=)
It doesn't matter. =)
And we also 不知不觉 no contact for so many months le. ii think almost half years lu00.
dunno you still remember the day we hang out together or not. =)
But by the way,
ii happy for you too,
you find your happy way, =)
I miss you cause ii think that before when ii wanna say xin shi ii still can find you,
but nowadays, we really do separated =)

MISS you=)

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