Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hm, five days no post blog already. miss my bloggie life. cause at real life really so unhappy and feel so sad. I write my blog to chinese, someone say he cant really understand chinese, so ii choose to write english. I dunno why lu00~ why wan like that treat me.? the god like treating me unkind? dunno why, FRIEND like that, BF also like that. I really not angry la. Just feel my heart quite bu shuang lu0. I thought them are the person ii trust for much, but ii really wrong guessing, together backstab me, together misunderstanding me. I feel so sad laaaaaa. Call him remove Her at featured friend also so hard, say promise me not find her, say what is DADDY AND MUMMY relationship, dont say what la, ii also will misunderstanding ma ya owhh. you cannot remove to just tam me mehh? Promise me but still no do. Then you still got what condition to call me dont contact HIM? ii really dunno. even though ii really guai guai no contact? so what ii get, ii get an empty promises. This is what ii know.~ I feel so upset with the attitude and everythings. But, ii still keep it, suddenly ii really dunno why uu always feel her words THE RIGHT ONE? her words THE REAL ONE? her words THE GREAT ONE? why? can tell me? I need your answer,
ii just want you stand by myside, support me? uu know what you tell me? YOU SAID:'' cause she tell me ma''. Then she says what ii still can denied? NO? ii think.
I so JIAN CHI everydays, keep dont want forget you,
and then keep say it was my wrongggggggggggggggggggg~
This is also why ii five days no updated my blog.
Because ii really dunno can say what.
CHANCE given by you,
ii try not too loud to you,
advice you dont like that,
but.... if you feel thats just awasting your time you can tell me directly,
then ii let you do what you want~
But, once you do what you want, ii will never look back actually,
because you also dont need me already. YA, maybe ii really too TIAN ZHEN, believe that you said you love me, only me, and what else. But, now? ii know what? ii know your heart got me de percentage is 0%.
You dont have the heart to stay me, You dont have the time to tam me,
You dont have the energy to believe me. Thats why. .. I cant confident on you too.
I really hope through this blog, you can read and understand what ii wanted to pass by.
I just hope you happy,
I give you 1weeks to remove her, but if you still don't, then ii also wont forbid you already.
and ii will definitely understand what am ii in your heart. Before you say de, what ii hug you warm la, what ii stay your side you happy. FAKE? REAL?
this is a mysterious answer for me........

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