Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy and Sad day. =) * =(

Haiz.Today can count as a SAD & HAPPY DAY. Early morning wake up then feel sad alreadyy, cry le a while of the morning things. although ii know ii am misunderstanding their relationship of each other. But ii really unlike he too good with another girl. Jealous gua? Dunno. ii hope ii wont do this kind of silly things again. I'm here by to say that ii am so sorry about that. But,I trying to put down, to let go, to be keeping as memories. I dont regret to have this relationship, because in the past of that, there was many beautiful stories between each other of us. =] heheeh~ =) Started to accept, started to have a new life without MUEL. =) hehe, but dont worry, ii will take care of my own, hope you t00 =] ii remember what you told me, and hope you hold true~

The Happy things was,
ii went upperstar for a drink and a relax. =)
happy to stay at the moment that could truly released my stress. =]

ii LEARNT so much in this,
ii really BU SHE DE,
but, since ii already put down,
ii should accept the fact.
So, whats the adverse effect in it?

Live in a peace, happy, funny, care world~
this is what ii want in my coming life~


  1. babe.
    lets cheers together.
    be strong.
    jie jie love you and support u always.=)

  2. Oii oii..Be strong eh..
    Life will have been bad but the good things is coming too..
    If your heart have been so fragile, don't let it broke the second time..
    You are still young, enjoy your life to the fullest lo..