Friday, April 3, 2009

I miss you =(

ii really so miss you. I don't want to break up, ii feel so SHE BU DE. ii know this 7months ii really make you changed a lots, ii also can feel that~ ii really dunno why, everytime ii talk with you ii really will cry, ii am so sorry about that, ii know ii not suppose to cry, but ii cant control myself, the tears automatically slowly drop down, ii wan cry loudly, but ii cant do that, ii scare my parents heard that. Honestly, ii really miss my past time with you, ii know it is very sweet and lovely, but, we end up with a word of UN-TRUST. so, this is the end of we two. I really cry le 3days of this things, ii dunno what happen. I really feel BENG KUI. but, ii really have to be tough. . . . . . Everythings between we two, ii will took it as a GREAT MEMORIES. really~ I really have to thanks you not smoke, not out for drink, not be flowerheart, be a brand new you. But, very KE XI, you met with the wrong girl, that will hurt you, SO SORRY. I really feel that ii cant put down you even if a minutes, maybe you create too much memories in my heart, and SOMETHING BETWEEN US, OUR SECRET. *5220* II NEVER FORGET! heart so pain when drop this BLOG. But, here is my way to express out my suffer in heart~ I dont want talk, but ii wanted to share. I'm so sorry ii hurt you so much, ii dont understand you, ii really feel ii stupid for doing these kind of things. But, this is a fact ii couldn't change. When you asked me isn't that ii regret with my answer, ii still CHENG QIANG, say NO. But that time, ii know ii really wanted to be with you. Just hope ii can;t give you de happiness, will be another better than me de girl give you. I want you try a new relationship, mayb you will feel that your heart more comfortable. The girl maybe could give you what ii couldn't give and do for you. WISH YOU. . . . . . . .. . .

I really feel happy with Our memories, at spot pub the first time we meet to celebrated your birthday, A romance kiss at stairs. A date in coffee bean. A LOve created in A days. Going birthday party on 31/08/2008. Go Labuan at 20.21/09/2008. Hang out to sutera harbour, center, citymall, warisan, 1borneo. 08.11.2008 dye the same hair colour and we went to BEACH in a first time. 01.12.2008 is our 100days together. 23.12 go CHURCH TOGETHER celebrated christmas coming~ 24.12.2008 we go FUNFAIR, and it was OUR 4th month anniversary till 3am just back home~ =) 01.01.2009 we went PULAU MANUKAN with my families. 24.01.2009 we went to CHINESE NEW YEAR DE PASAR MALAM. =) 14.02.2009 my sweet valentine with You in FISH & CO with roses. My birthday ii get a wonderful birthday with YOU, family & friends. =) II appreciated all here. I thanks and ii love you. =)

THIS seven months eleventh-days, ii really LOVEYOU. ii put much time and effort on you , ii know & ii do.

I just hope, If you can read this blog, ii hope that.......... in you heart, YOU REALLY WONT FORGET ME AND 24.08.2008 =/ my only wish. And the person who LOVE YOU for days, XUANXUAN**

The Last words, Thanks For everythings. I HAPPY TO LOVE YOU BEFORE*


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  1. =( if you reallyy she bu de, try to give you both one more chance. just 1 more. I'm so sad to see you like this.