Friday, April 10, 2009

Tears cannot pretenD =(

dunno why.suddenly feel no one understand my feelings. Ya, ii know, now you with 'HER' very best friend, until she replace my place in your heart! SHUT UP. i dont want to hear anythings, now is my turn to dont hear anythings~ I dunno why ii so mind about it. my heart feel so pain. One is my SISTER, and one is my X-BOYFRIEND. so what? she also the 2nd one in ur featured friend maaa. then better you go chase her as ur gf la. SHIT~ alright ii shouldn't mind too much` I always forget this. But today, you teach me HOW SHOULD II FORGET ABOUT YOU. wahh~ congratulation to you tw0 la. Dont forget her birthday also almost reach~ Then dont forget to HAVE a nice birthday with her. My birthday you din past with me, but nvm, then left it to past with her lu000~ ii really dunno why friend is like that, and a boyfriend also like that. better ii dont need a boyfriend.~
MAKE ME .........

Love? is a slippery eel that bites like hell.

-------END--------because of your immature!

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